What is the basic philosophical point?

That when a small group of people, irrespective of the particulars of race, religion, etc., wield very disproportionate influence, in a number of vitally important arenas, not only in one nation but several – it is not, without more, “hate” to discuss simply because the group as such has, to put it mildly, faced horrendous persecution and violence in the past, particularly as, by dint of the power of that group [certainly in large part] the people of the middle east have suffered tremendously.

The Iraq war had several causes – but the Zionist lobby probably did the most in the media and inside the beltway, and their cause was Israel – not central banking, and not the petrodollar. In fact, the petrodollar is dying anyway both as a RC system and the FRN itself, and spending 3 trillion to shore up your currency makes little sense. An assassination or coup would be more cost effective. And as for who now controls Iraq’s state owned central bank – indirectly, certainly the BIS and other western-dominated entities, but there is no reason to believe banking dynasties from outside Iraq control the thing.




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